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Welcome to Natural Escort in Hamburg. Discerning gentlemen are increasingly relying on natural and authentic female companions who make a business or private visit to Hamburg unforgettable. Natural Escort fulfils your wish for a real “Girlfriend experience”. It is a special experience that we offer our customers. It forms the core of our company philosophy. That is why we have integrated the aspect of naturalness in our name Natural Escort. We convey High Class Escort Hamburg with that special something, a natural appearance, personality and charisma. High class, passionate, sensual Escort ladies make every stay in Hamburg and in the area around the Alsterstadt a highly enjoyable and sizzling experience.

Accompaniments in and around Hamburg

A convincing “Girlfriend experience” during your stay in Hamburg requires that you have a suitable lady by your side. She will fit naturally and authentically into your special preferences and needs. She will integrate herself in a relaxed way into the environment that you specify for your visit. We know our Escort ladies very well. That is why we can make clear recommendations so that the High Class Escort Hamburg will meet your personal requirements exactly. We also offer customers from Düsseldorf a High Class Escort in Düsseldorf.

In this way you will have a charming, sensual companion by your side for your visit to Hamburg. Whether business lunches, cultural events, sightseeing, shopping or an erotic experience, with a High Class Escort in Hamburg you won’t miss out on sensual pleasure during your visit to Hamburg. Your business and table partners will perceive the Escort lady as a natural, authentic attribute of your social appearance. This applies to every social framework. Get to know our Escort ladies in Hamburg in the following gallery.

Get to know Hamburg Escorts

Hamburg Escort ladies with a lot of fantasy

Especially when you are in Hamburg on business, the stress of everyday life can quickly block your view of the beauty of the Hanseatic city. You wish for pleasant additional hours of relaxation and sleek togetherness. You do not have to go without a charming companion in a strange city. A High Class Escort Hamburg from Natural Escort not only brings you the highlights of Hamburg with class, level, natural charisma and a lot of imagination. Combine your stay in Hamburg with sensual and exciting experiences that are able to appeal to all the senses. You can choose these according to your personal wishes.

Enjoy the cultural highlights in Hamburg and attain the most beautiful aspects from long summer nights as well as short winter days. Experience cultural, culinary and erotic adventures in Hamburg. Let long work days end with an erotic, sizzling experience. Feel happy and relaxed at any time in natural, sophisticated female company. Get to know Hamburg from its most charming side.

High Class Escort Hamburg can mean sophisticated eroticism or a romantic, relaxed get-together. You yourself determine the possibilities and experiences that you would like to associate with Hamburg in the future. You will quickly appreciate that a sleek, attractive and adaptable Escort lady will share your Hamburg experience with you.

These valuable little escapes from everyday life become a wonderful reality with a High Class Escort in Hamburg. A Girlfriend experience can offer you everything: From an educated conversation to a lively dinner for two, shared cultural experiences and fiery-erotic nights. There are no limits to your fantasies. Would you like a local city guide in Hamburg? This is also what Natural Escort Service stands for with a High Class Escort in Hamburg.

Hafenstadt Hamburg mit High Class Escort Hamburg Ausblick
High Class Escort in der Hafenstadt Hamburg

Escort Hamburg models and call girls with top Escort service

You move stylishly in every social situation. Luxury is a natural requirement and an expression of your personality. Just as aesthetics are. Therefore, you also expect these attributes in a sophisticated female Escort. Natural Escort Hamburg provides you with Escort ladies with class and esprit. They meet up to your high demands and your personal style in a charming and authentic way. Such a companion fits naturally into any environment. She will caress your eyes and your intellect. Whether in cultural, business, general social or erotic situations – with a High Class Escort Hamburg you can expect wonderful hours together.

You can look forward to a simple booking process, our first class advice and maximum discretion with Natural Escort. We have a professional team working behind the scenes for you to help you choose a suitable Escort lady and to fulfil your individual wishes.

Discover Hamburg in charming company

You will visit the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany and a metropolitan region with around 5 million inhabitants. In addition, one of the world’s largest transshipment ports is located in Hamburg. Hamburg, rich in tradition, has always enjoyed the reputation of being a very cosmopolitan city. Not only with its Reeperbahn and the legendary St. Pauli district, Hamburg has always been synonymous with erotic pleasure. As an old merchant town, Hamburg still invites you to go on extensive shopping tours in exquisite shops. With a High Class Escort, Hamburg is an exciting promise with every step. As a couple, culinary, cultural and sensual adventures in the Hanseatic city can be experienced with even more pleasure. A High Class Escort in Hamburg from Natural Escort offers you the guarantee of sophistication and class at all times. Nothing is left to chance here. Just as the elegant north German city on the Alster.

From Eimsbüttel to the Reeperbahn

Hamburg offers a wide variety of stimuli to the eye and the entire sensory experience. Whether you are exploring the most populous district of Eimsbüttel, the Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus district as part of the UNESCO cultural heritage. Or whether you dare to take the glittering Reeperbahn to St. Pauli, with a High Class Escort Hamburg you will experience all facets of the Hanseatic city by day and by night. Let yourself be enchanted musically or architecturally by a visit to the Elbe Philharmonic Hall. With a sensual meal and a sizzling night in a Hamburg luxury hotel, your visit to Hamburg will be remembered for a long time.

Hamburg in terms of eroticism

Hamburg’s erotic side is extremely versatile. It ranges from loud, coarse tones to the exclusive High Class Escort in Hamburg. Various erotic establishments such as brothels, clubs and bars shape the image of Hamburg as well as the fine, sensual eroticism that moves in various secret places in the private sphere. Hamburg is in a certain way unique here, because the elegant Hanseatic restraint is combined with sometimes bold erotic forms of expression. The legacy of the seafarers in Hamburg cannot be denied in erotic terms. Anyone who is open to erotic stimuli will get their money’s worth in Hamburg in every respect. At any time it is possible just to look and absorb the external stimuli. You can also participate actively.

High Class Escort Hamburg im Frühling
Hamburg mit Escort erleben

From the Laufhaus to the High Class Escort

The typical brothel, in earlier times called a Laufhaus, can still be found today, especially on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. Hamburg is equally a city of culture and business. That is why High Class Escort in Hamburg is an essential part of it. Hamburg offers many opportunities for activities and discoveries.

Hamburg is a cultural metropolis par excellence. With over 60 theatres, around 60 museums and 100 music clubs, the Hanseatic city leaves little to be desired culturally. When it comes to going to the theatre, Germany’s second largest city leads the way. It is before Bremen and Berlin. In the last few decades Hamburg has also made a name for itself as a venue for a wide variety of musicals. As far as musicals are concerned, Hamburg has become the third largest musical location in the world after London and New York. Many visitors to Hamburg therefore combine a visit to the city with a visit to a theatre or musical as well as a trip to the Reeperbahn. Many of the sights in Hamburg are voted into the top 100 in Germany every year.

Anyone interested in the fine arts is in the right place in the Kunsthalle and the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Other locations also regularly present important art exhibitions.

Sights such as the Speicherstadt, the old Elbe tunnel and the Altona fish market are also interesting destinations to get to know the different facets of the Hanseatic city. The Inner Alster is ideal for a nice stroll in the beautiful city. If you like, you can also get a beautiful view of the city of Hamburg at the Michel.

Would you like to be surprised by a local guide? This is also possible with a High Class Escort. Our local, sophisticated Escort ladies will also be happy to show you lesser-known sides of the northern German metropolis. Perhaps you are also in the mood for a romantic excursion to the Hamburg area. The old country and the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg invite you to visit.


Typically Hamburg - perfect for an Escort date

Ultimately, each visitor decides for himself what is really typical for the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Surrender yourself to your dreams and fantasies here. The diversity of the metropolis makes it easy for you. That’s why there are so many options for a perfect Escort date. Whether you initiate a stimulating and sizzling evening with a culinary adventure in one of the luxury restaurants in Hamburg or request your company for a cultural event is up to you.

Dinner date locations for Hamburg

Culinary experiences are always a good starting point for an evening away from everyday life. Here, too, Hamburg makes it very easy for you. Several first class locations are waiting for you and your charming companion. These usually also have a real In-factor in addition to this certain degree of Hanseatic refinement. Discover the fine cuisine in Hamburg together with your High Class Escort in Hamburg.

Henssler & Henssler

Sophisticated Japanese cuisine is served here in Grosse Elbstrasse 160 in a spacious ambience with a terrace. Classic sushi is combined with modern, casual cookery creations from international cuisine. A stimulating culinary result and an attractive place for a first class Escort date.


Ono in Lehmweg 14 is a Stefan Henssler restaurant. Asian fusion cuisine is the order of the day here. Sushi and fish dishes play the main role. The designer ambience is stylish and invites you to linger. A pleasant meeting point with your High Class Escort in Hamburg.

Gefundenes Fressen

This place is hip. That is why this burger restaurant in the Karoviertel is a real tip for a casual, modern dinner. This restaurant is a great meeting place, especially for a Girlfriend experience, which will initiate a relaxed, sensual evening.


The Tim Mälzer Restaurant attracts with its modern, international cuisine in a casual chic ambience. Here, too, Hamburg shows its cool and extensive side. With your High Class Escort, all your senses will be stimulated.

Hamburgs Elbe mit Häusern und Restaurants
Hamburgs Elbe

Nightlife tips for Hamburg

The bar scene in Hamburg is also worth a second look. How could a relaxed, casual evening be started more easily than with a sophisticated cocktail in a chic bar environment. Get to know a trendy Hamburg location.

Le Lion - Bar de Paris

You enter this bar by ringing the doorbell. The ambience is snug with brocade on the walls. A great start to Hamburg’s nightlife with your High Class Escort in Hamburg is starting out from Rathausstrasse.

Skyline Bar 20up

An incomparable view of the metropolis of Hamburg awaits you in this bar on the 20th floor of the Empire of the Empire Riverside Hotel. Modern, cultivated ambience as well as sophisticated drinks and cocktails make an evening with a High Class Escort in Hamburg unforgettable.

Clouds - Heaven’s Bar & Kitchen

Here you are at Reeperbahn 1. Enjoy the view over the lively hustle and bustle on the Hamburg pleasure mile with a cocktail and perhaps a meal with international cuisine. Your date with your High Class Escort in Hamburg could begin here in an erotically exciting manner.

Bar East (in the East Hotel)

Let yourself drift into St. Pauli and enjoy stimulating hours in this hotel bar. With your High Class Escort in Hamburg, your time here will certainly not seem too long to you. Especially at the weekend, it is a meeting place for people from Hamburg and cosmopolitan globetrotters, for all of whom like you, Hamburg is worth a visit. Here you can see and be seen

Bar in Hamburg zum weggehen
Die besten Bars in Hamburg

The best accommodations in Hamburg

East Hotel

In this hotel you will be right in the middle of St. Pauli. Modern, stylish ambience and several bars will make your stay here eventful. The hotel can therefore also be the right location for exciting experiences with a High Class Escort in Hamburg.

Fairmont Hotel

Are you looking for 5 star luxury and classic surroundings? Then you are at the right place here on Jungfernstieg with your High Class Escort in Hamburg. Guests have been received and pampered here in every imaginable way since 1897. The hotel also meets the highest standards.

Park Hyatt

5 stars and located right in the centre of Hamburg – this Hamburg luxury hotel will impress the discerning gentleman. Hanseatic design and convincing service characterize this hotel.

The Fontenay

The hotel is located directly on the Outer Alster. A modern, 5 star luxury hotel that leaves nothing to be desired. The hotel opened in March 2018. It offers a modern, stylish setting for your stay in Hamburg and sensual, sizzling hours with a High Class Escort in Hamburg.

High Class Escort Hamburg – Auflistung aller Hotels in Hamburg Deutschland
Hamburgs Hotels und Unterkünfte