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Are you looking for a sophisticated travel companion to Cologne and are you looking for a real “Girlfriend experience” with a natural lady? Then Natural Escort is just right for you! We will bring you together with women who are characterized by their authentic and natural demeanour and who want to make every travel experience of yours just that bit sweeter.

For your High Class Escort in Cologne we would like to make all your dreams come true. Whether a business trip, a private holiday or an erotic weekend, with us you will quickly find the right companion for your travel experience. Just contact Natural Escort and tell us about your ideas, which we would like to fulfil discreetly and absolutely seriously.

Book an Escort in Cologne

The figure of an Escort as a female travel companion for private and business trips has changed over the decades. More and more ladies are being requested as High Class Escorts in Cologne who are characterized by a natural appearance and authentic demeanour. This so-called “Girlfriend experience” is more than a trend and will surely spark interest and passion in you too.

With our many years of experience, we are very specific in selecting the ladies for the High Class Escort in Cologne. When making the selection, we pay attention to all ideas and wishes in terms of naturalness. We see ourselves as a link between you and interesting women who, with their multifaceted interests and characteristics, will enrich your life with each of your trips.

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VIP Escort Service in Cologne

Our service for the High Class Escort in Cologne is comprehensive and guarantees you the right travel companion quickly and trustingly. In the first step, just get in touch and describe your ideas. We then check which ladies have time on the desired date and would like to accompany you. If both parties agree, we will clarify all formalities and organize an absolute dream date for you.

Then clarify with the lady where you would like to meet your High Class Escort in Cologne. Perhaps you will pick up your travel companion at the main train station or you can arrange a meeting point directly at the hotel you have booked.

Often there is the opportunity to plan your activities in advance. This means that your High Class Escort in Cologne will be well prepared, whether you are going to a trade fair or a private vacation.

Natural Escort is available at all times for the Escort lady and yourself. We look forward to receiving feedback during and after your trip, as this enables us to improve our service for customers continuously. So do not hesitate to talk to us about the High Class Escort in Cologne and let yourself be surprised again and again by fascinating ladies.

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Messe in Köln

High Class Escorts during the trade fair in Cologne

Traditionally, the high season for High Class Escort in Cologne is also at the time of the trade fair. Countless businessmen are in the cathedral city on business and want high quality accompaniment for the exhibition centre and for leisure in the evening hours. If you are thinking about Escort dating and are planning it for a specific trade fair, contact us early on. Many of the ladies we mediate are in great demand at the time of the trade fair, so we would like to be able to make a confirmation for your special travel experience in good time.

The Cologne Exhibition Centre is in demand all year round and is known for trade fairs and conferences of all sizes. The most important events that take place year after year at the Cologne Exhibition Centre include:

If you book your trade fair accompaniment with us early on, you are assured of the specialist knowledge and interests of the lady. Every High Class Escort in Cologne and other cities has hobbies and interests that might match your trade fair exactly. We would be happy to provide you with suitable suggestions and check whether all other ideas for your High Class Escort in Cologne also fit.

By the way: If you are specifically looking for a trade fair Escort and have already met some of our ladies, we can also accompany you to other trade fair locations. We would be happy to clarify for you which Escort ladies would also accompany you to other trade fair cities at home and abroad.

Escort service with passion on the Rhine

We know from experience that if you are interested in a High Class Escort in Cologne, desire and passion are often in the foreground. The spectrum ranges from a short, erotic adventure to long, passionate moments. In addition to excursions or accompanying to a trade fair, this aspect should not be neglected at Natural Escort.

As with the basic selection of your Escort, the same applies to passion: Come to us and describe your wishes and ideas. This makes it easier to bring you together with suitable ladies who also fulfil your preferences in a passionate way. As a serious and discreet partner, we are sure to find the right one for you.

For the passionate moments of your life, the High Class Escort is not only the right choice in Cologne. Many of the women we have mediated will also accompany you to Düsseldorf, Bonn, the Ruhr area and many other cities throughout Germany. When booking, we will be happy to clarify for you how fond of travel the respective Escort lady is and whether she would like to accompany you to many places for business or pleasure.

Köln Escort Agentur – Altstadt
Dom – Altstadt in Köln

Nightlife tips - Escort Cologne

Experiencing the nightlife in the city of Cologne with over a million inhabitants is always a highlight for you and your Escort. On a private holiday, you will particularly want to discover the restaurants, bars and clubs of the big city on the Rhine with your Escort lady. Even with business appointments or a visit to a trade fair, there will be enough time to get to know the comforts of Cologne better.

If you would like to experience Cologne at night with your High Class Escort, we would be happy to take care of timely planning for you. Whether it’s a concert, theatre or exclusive club, in many cases an inquiry or reservation is necessary in advance. In other large cities, we recommend that you do not try your luck on the day yourself, but rather plan a few program items. This is especially true at the time of the trade fair, when there is great demand for many amenities.

Which preferences your High Class Escort has for Cologne regarding the nightlife can also be clarified early on. Think about one of the following highlights early on:

On our website we have put together a number of highlights that you can visit with your High Class Escort in Cologne. Of course, this is only a small selection of the many facets that await you in Cologne’s nightlife. If you have already booked your hotel, we will be happy to inform you about bars and clubs in the immediate vicinity. You shouldn’t underestimate the size of Cologne in order to save yourself unnecessary walks in the nightlife.

Of course, you don’t have to turn every night into a day. Treat yourself to a couple of passionate hours in the hotel with your High Class Escort in Cologne or let the day end in a sophisticated restaurant. The variety and hospitality of Cologne will cast its spell on you.

Escort Guide through clubs, bars and hotels in the Ruhr area

Whether for business or pleasure, you will always want to go to the right accommodation as well as tasteful bars and restaurants in Cologne and the surrounding area. We have put together a small guide below. Discover some exciting and charming locations that will brighten up your time on the Rhine.

Club recommendations Cologne

Perhaps you are planning your private stay with a High Class Escort in Cologne to party extensively and enjoy the nightlife. In this case, our recommended clubs are the ideal starting points. We have put together some renowned and stylish addresses that regularly offer a wide range of style and quality.

Ivory Club

Since it opened in 2004, the Ivory Club has been the place to go in Cologne for stars and starlets. Since February 2020 under new management, emphasis is placed on style and elegance. The mix of bar and club is sure to suit your taste and guarantees you a stylish atmosphere with several VIP areas.

Vanity Club

Don’t let the name fool you – you don’t have to worry about conceited people at the Vanity Club. On the contrary: The club has kept its friendly and fresh atmosphere over the years. Here you and your High Class Escort in Cologne are always welcome to celebrate in style near the Claudius-Therme.


The club Nachtflug is an absolute hotspot if you want to immerse yourself in Cologne’s nightlife. The Nachtflug has been heating things up since 1999 and is known for vibrant and excessive parties. Night owls who want to hit the dance floor and dance and party the night away are in good hands here.

Flamingo Royal

The club in the Friesenviertel has been bringing momentum to the Cologne club scene since 2008. Dipped in pink and gold, the dance floor is not the only place you will get your money’s worth with your High Class Escort in Cologne. There is enough space in the stylish lounge to enjoy the club’s interior furnishings and delicious drinks.

Schriftzug Nightlife Tipps für die NRW Stadt Köln
Nightlife in Köln

Bar recommendations Cologne

If you want to end a day out with your High Class Escort in Cologne the bars of the city are the ideal starting point. Experience the city with a million inhabitants in the evening with a good wine or long drink. The following bars, often located in well-known hotels, are the ideal last stop of the day.

LAB12 Bar

Visit the bar in the Pullman Hotel and immerse yourself in real vintage design with your High Class Escort in Cologne. The excitingly designed bar offers cocktails and multi-faceted snacks that satisfy the discerning palate. With the Skybar you can also enjoy a great view of Cologne day and night.


At Seiberts, closeness to every guest is very important. This can be seen in the seminars and workshops that are held regularly, where you are familiarized with the subtleties of mixing. A great event if you want to treat yourself and your High Class Escort in Cologne to a lively and exciting event.

Legends Bar

In the Legends Bar, real legends of rock history await you, even if only in photos from the last few years and decades. The bar located in the Hyatt pays tribute to countless world stars who have stopped off at the hotel and bar in the past. Wine and cocktails taste even better in this atmosphere.

Monkey Bar

The cosy bar is located in the 25 Hours Hotel and offers you a great overview of Cologne city life and the cathedral. With its large glass facades, the bar offers great views day and night, while you can enjoy cocktails and long drinks with your High Class Escort in Cologne in a cosy atmosphere.

Gin Tonic Glas in der Bar Frankfurt
Einzigartige Bars

Our hotel recommendations for Cologne

In order to pamper yourself and your High Class Escort in Cologne, a luxury accommodation is essential. The following are some suggestions for 4 and 5 star hotels that would like to arouse your desire for a trip to the Rhine. A touch of luxury and exclusive service are guaranteed everywhere.

Hyatt Regency

The luxury hotel in the central district of Deutz will cast a spell on you and your High Class Escort in Cologne with its lush construction and real pomp. The hotel offers a stylish view of the cathedral, and the hotel’s meeting campus is available for business trips. The exhibition centre and main train station are also easily accessible.


The extraordinary and elegant ambience of the Savoy will do justice to you and your High Class Escort in Cologne. In addition to the cosy rooms, a large spa area invites you to relax, and exciting culinary specialities await you throughout the day. Thanks to its central location, all major sights are easily accessible.

Excelsior Hotel

Treat yourself and your High Class Escort in Cologne to the view of the city’s most important landmark. As a 5 star luxury hotel, the Hotel Ernst leaves nothing to be desired. The hotel, which has been family-run since 1863, enchants you with its exquisite specialities and is happy to cater to all special requests of its sophisticated customers in room service.


The Dorint is one of the well-known hotel chains in Germany and worldwide, where you will also get your money’s worth with culinary delights and large fitness areas. Two hotels of the chain await you and your High Class Escort in Cologne: One near Neumarkt and one in Deutz directly next to the exhibition centre.

Hotel und Unterkunft in NRW Köln
Übernachtung in Köln