I live to the motto:

“Smile and the world will change.”

Psst.. I’ll tell you my erotic fantasy..

“Let’s complement the sensual attraction of two people with imagination and pure passion. I long for the physical closeness of two aroused bodies that come to ecstasy. Let’s escape from everyday life together and have incredibly great, intense and uninhibited sex.”

Did you know, that I..

“..pursue my wicked hobby as an escort out of pure curiosity, spontaneity and a lot of passion for sex?”

I chose Natural Escort because..

Donna gave me a wonderful, new and positive feeling from the first moment. In addition, the agency attaches great importance to respect and professionalism, which is very important to me.”


For me Sex is..

“..the sheer lust for life. Elementary to live and Happiness. Like the air to breath.”

I live to the motto:

Life is too short for “someday”.

Psst, I’ll tell you an erotic fantasy of mine:

 “I’m really into threesomes, the constellation doesn’t play a primary role. Whether I make it with my duo girlfriend or whether I spend the evening with a hot erotic adventure and a couple. For me it is the tingling adventure when several bodies unite.
 I also imagine sex in the thermal baths to be very exciting..”

Did you know, that I..:

 “..I drove for a racing team at the Nürburgring? I love horsepower and I’m not at all afraid of speed.
 – I love art, archeology and classic cars.”

Ich chose Natural Escort because..:

“…I have the opportunity to try out many things without pressure and to be who I am. The agency’s website is very professional, with natural sensual images, which is exactly my taste for eroticism. I really appreciate the very loving and professional interaction in the team.”

For me, sexuality is:

“Constant trying, rediscovering and enjoying.”

Hi, I am Sabrina. The most tender temptation, since there is escort. Get to know me better in the video.

I live according to the motto:

“Mitleid bekommt man geschenkt, Neid muss man sich erst erarbeiten.”

Psst.. Ich erzähle dir eine erotische Geschichte..

Sex im Büro würde mich total heiß machen, immer mit der Gefahr, dabei erwischt zu werden. 

Die Erotik liegt in der Zurückhaltung, das gewisse Gefühl wenn der Mann unnahbar erscheint, weckt in mir meinen Jagdinstinkt. Dieses Gefühl erregt mich sehr, ich werde alles daran legen, zu bekommen was ich für meine sexuelle Befriedigung brauche.

Wusstest Du, dass ich..

  • zugeben muss, dass Geduld nicht meine Stärke ist 😉
  • Geheimnisse kann ich dafür sehr gut für mich behalten, es reicht mir wenn ich es weiß 🙂

Ich habe mich für Natural Escort entschieden, weil..

..ich mich nirgendwo jemals besser aufgehoben gefühlt habe, als bei Donna! Das Zwischenmenschliche ist einfach perfekt und ich würde sie auch mit niemanden messen wollen. Ich liebe unsere Zusammenarbeit und habe ein tiefes Vertrauen.

Sexualität ist für mich Leidenschaft.

I live to the motto:

“New paths are created by walking them!”

Psst.. I will tell you an erotic phantasie of mine..

“..in fact, a date with another woman would really appeal to me.”

Did you know, that I..

” I love sports, exercise and nature. I ride my road bike a lot and love to go jogging. I’ve often taken part in Rund um Köln and this year I’ll be running in the half marathon in Cologne. To relax, I like to do yoga or go to the sauna.  I also love to go hiking to just switch off. Otherwise, I’m a bon vivant. I love good food  I love to cook, but I also like to be spoiled in restaurants.”

I choose Natural Escort, because..

” It just fitted. The phone call with Donna was very pleasant, as was our personal meeting. I think it’s great that she wants to meet all the ladies in person first. You feel very comfortable with her. “

Sexuality is for me:

“Pure enjoyment. I like to let go and enjoy the moment to the fullest. Sexuality creates connection and closeness.”


Hi, ich bin Alina “A beautiful lady in public, with a very, veeery dirty mind!” Vorgeschmack? Schau dir mein Video an.

Ich lebe frei nach dem Motto: 

“Du wirst morgen sein, was Du heute denkst.”


Psst… Ich verrate dir eine erotische Phantasie von mir..

Ein erotisches Abenteuer auf der Rückbank einer Stretch Limousine hatte ich zum Beispiel noch nicht. Aber ich bin generell keine Frau der großen Worte der Phantasie, ich lasse lieber Taten sprechen. 


Warum ich mich für Natural Escort entschieden habe:

Ich finde die Philosophie der Agentur in erster Linie sehr ansprechend. Die Agentur ist einer der niveauvollsten und seriösesten auf dem Markt, was mir persönlich sehr wichtig ist. Ich bin von Anfang an mit dabei, der liebevolle Umgang untereinander und die sehr empathische und liebevolle Vermittlung hat mich komplett überzeugt. Donna ist einfach toll.


Sexualität ist für mich:

“Quality Time”. Sexualität ist mehr als Sex. Es fängt schon beim ersten aufeinander treffen an. wenn der erste Funke übergeht und die erste erotische Spannung in der Luft liegt – es ist etwas magisches, etwas nicht greifbares. 

I live to the motto: 

“We cannot change the wind, but set the sails differently.”


Psst.. I will tell you an erotic phantasie of mine:

I´m totally into threesomes (me with a coulpe). The idea of having threesome sex and pampering each other totally turns me on.


Did you know, that I..

..am a little adrenaline junkie. I like to challenge myself to new challenges.

Angelina sitzt auf der Couch

I chose Natural Escort, because..

I always listen to my heart and gut feeling. The agency was able to give me a good feeling right from the start. I feel totally in good hands and understood. Respect, Professionalism and discretion are very important here and this is very important to me. 

Sexuality is for me..

..a fulfillment of a longing and inner desire for pleasure. It´s also one of the beautiful things you can do with another person. A combination of a sensual seduction and pleasurable satisfaction makes sex an indispensable part of life

Immerse yourself in the erotic world of Maja – let yourself be enchanted by this beautiful sight – Maja is as delicate as a flower .. graceful, beautiful and gentle. Her pure heart and positive personality make it very easy to build a cozy atmosphere. I immediately took Maja into my heart. Still, dear gentleman, I don’t have to convince you of Maja, she will do it all by herself. Maja is simple and that makes her so incredibly fascinating – pure nature from head to toe and so beautiful to look at. You will be more than enthusiastic about her perfect body, because it is no coincidence, she does sports regularly, has an incredibly beautiful bottom and by far the most beautiful natural breasts I have ever seen. They fall very naturally and beautifully. With Maja you have an experienced playmate at your side. The sense of unrestrained and passionate sex can be seen in her sex appeal. In the bedroom, the “girl next door” likes to mutate into a hot vamp with unrestrained sexual energy. Don’t miss her, because Maja is eagerly waiting for your request!

Maja´s pictures were taken in february 2021.

Anyone looking for a relaxed, sophisticated and romantic date, will make the right decision with Emilia. I have seldom met such a loving and kind person. Her big green eyes are beautiful to sink in. Do you like curves? A firm bottom and well-formed, beautiful breasts – then you absolutely have to meet Emilia.  She exudes so much calm and caring. Let yourself fall into her hands, enjoy the erotic passion and forget the world around you for the time being. Emilia is one of our newcomers, which means that she has already been able to gain private experience in the escort sector, but has never been mediated by another agency in this industry. We are proud that Emilia has chosen our agency and we are pleased that we can provide you with such a pretty, young lady.  

Emilia’s pictures were taken in March 2020.


Ich lebe frei nach dem Motto:

“Alle Träume können wahr werden, wir müssen nur den Mut haben, Ihnen zu folgen.” 

Psst.. Ich verrate dir eine erotische Geschichte..

Ich liebe es, dich mit meiner Freundin zusammen zu verwöhnen. Die Intimität zwischen 3 Menschen, die einem Näher stehen, finde ich sehr reizvoll.

Ich habe mich für Natural Escort entschieden, weil..

..ich absolutes Vertrauen in Donna habe. Ich weiß genau, wenn ich eine Buchung vermittelt bekomme, ist der Gast verifiziert und ein höflicher Gentleman. Dieses tiefe Vertrauen und die sehr seriöse und freundliche Zusammenarbeit macht mich hier sehr glücklich.

Sexualität ist für mich..

..wild, hemmungslos und das tiefe Vertrauen des manchmal unbekannten.